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  • Community Events

    Improve your communication, listening, and leadership skills

    Winter Park Toastmasters - Learn while having FUN!

    Come join us every Friday in our new home at the Winter Park Community Center for 90 minutes of personal and professional development. We begin each Friday morning at 7:30 and conclude by 9:00. Try to arrive 15 minutes early to give yourself the...

    Co-Working At VESPR

    Orlando Jelly

    We're coworking from Vespr, okay?

    ActInSpace 2018 : Hackathon - A SPACE TECH MISSION !

    Orlando Unity3d Development Meetup

    Hey ! Calling ! all unity devs (and non-unity devs)...It’s time to "beam up" , and unleash your entrepreneurial potential! For the first time ever, we are bringing ActInSpace to Orlando. Come and join us in this remarkable experience! CLICK...